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Insights from Paragon's Cyber and M&A Insurance 2019 event

Cyber risks are everywhere. And at the forefront of the battle to cover companies against them is specialist Lloyd's broker Paragon. Last night, I was honoured to attend Paragon's invite-only Cyber and M&A Insurance 2019 event, held at their prestigious offices, at the heart of the City and literally a stone's throw across the road from world-leading cyber insurance market Lloyd's of London. The event was hosted by the ever erudite James Kalbassi, CEO of Paragon, who introduced the speakers: two specialist cyber brokers from Paragon and Tom Kranz, Director of 6point6 , a technology consultancy with strong expertise in digital, emerging technology and cyber.

The Reader: WhatsApp hack shows up tech industry failings

WE’VE had decades of attacks similar to the one affecting WhatsApp via the IRC and ICQ systems [“Alert for 1.5bn WhatsApp users as hackers ‘take over’ phones,” May 14]. There’s nothing fundamentally new here: an application running on your device has significant access to the device and your personal data, and attackers can therefore remotely send you “code” via the app. This boils down to three main failings:

Norsk Hydro cyber attack – comment from cyber security director

“Having switched to manual operations, it would appear at this stage to be an IoT attack that has gone for their control equipment. Yet while we often discuss IoT attacks in terms of botnets, the cyber attack on Norsk Hydro throws into sharp relief that we do not put enough focus on the supply chain disruption that can be caused. In this case, not just aluminium smelting, but the construction of actual components for wider industry has been shut down. With the global push towards “Just in Time”

Security analyst churn isn't just a money issue: what else impacts retention?

The latest cybersecurity workforce study from ISACA, the State of Cybersecurity 2019 (Part 1) report, paints a worrying picture regarding cyber-security team staffing. While the skills gap has been editorialised to death, less attention has been given to the problem of retaining those skilled staff once an organisation has recruited them. According to the ISACA research, some 57 percent of organisations offer increased training as incentives to keep people but 82 percent admit most leave their

Mobile device security disconnect leaves the enterprise exposed to compromise

The latest Mobile Security Index from Verizon paints a contrary picture of the mobile security landscape, at least when viewed from the enterprise perspective. The term 'disconnect' is often overused in the cyber-security sector, but for once it's absolutely spot on here. Enterprises confirm that the risks are increasing, yet admit they aren't keeping pace defensively; more worryingly they are also sacrificing mobile security in order to 'get the job done.'

In the cloud, things aren't always what they SIEM: Microsoft rolls out AI-driven Azure Sentinel

RSA Microsoft has wheeled out two new enterprise security tools – Azure Sentinel, a cloud-based SIEM, and Microsoft Threat Experts, an infosec advice-as-a-service bundled with a panic button. The two services are part of Redmond's ongoing invasion of the cloud security market. It will be showing off the technology at the RSA Conference in San Francisco next week. Ann Johnson, Microsoft's cybersecurity solutions veep, described Azure Sentinel as the "first native SIEM within a major cloud platf