I'm pleased to announce that my book "Making Sense of Cybersecurity" is being published by Manning.

Cybersecurity is a complex topic – it’s wide ranging, covering all areas of IT, but also spills into our personal, physical lives, touching every day activities like banking and ID cards.The big problem with this is that people working in cybersecurity assume a level of knowledge in their audience – a level of knowledge that often doesn’t exist.

I’ve been increasingly frustrated over my career by how opaque and complex cyber security has become.This book is written for people with little or no security knowledge who have some existing IT knowledge, have heard about security breaches, hacking, and cybersecurity, and want to know more.

In writing this book, I want to bring readers from ‘interested’ to ‘empowered’, so you can make better decisions, and be more secure. The more people we can help to understand and mitigate the most common risks, then the more secure we all become: this should be the whole point of cybersecurity.

The book is split into two parts, with an initial introduction of cyber security strategy. Part 1 explores how attackers think, teaching you their most common attacks, and looking into areas like SMS authentication and physical security, that are often ignored. In Part 2 we look at things from the other side: teaching you how to measure and manage risk, build defences, and deal with attacks.

You can read chapters as they're published via Manning's Early Access Program, available at the Making Sense of Cybersecurity page on Manning's website.