Talks and Presentations

Securing DevOps at Scale

Delivering infrastructure and applications at scale and speed has never been more important, as business race to be the first to bring new, transformative, user focused services to market. Long seen as a blocker to successful DevOps, a lack of security resources, knowledge, and capability is now seen as holding back Enterprise DevOps teams. DevSecOps has been positioned as a solution, but with a claimed cyber security skills shortage, how can we really provide the security support and enablement that Enterprise DevOps teams need? In this talk, we will discuss: - How security teams need to evolve and re-skill to support the Cloud Native needs of Enterprise DevOps. - How we already have the skills and capabilities we need to deliver cloud-native, secure services. - How to we can save money, time, and pain, by managing security in the same way we manage cloud-native enterprise infrastructure.

Surviving New Cloud Cost Management Challenges: Tips, Tricks and Insights

Prompted by the pandemic, 2020 saw an accelerated shift to cloud services, with one survey finding that there would be a 59% increase in spend on IT tools due to COVID-19. With this shift came the realization for many that their IT systems and cost management processes simply weren’t up to scratch. In the face of an urgent need to quickly adapt to a changing infrastructure environment - and all the resource, skills and budget management challenges this throws up - many organizations are in need of advice and strategies for overcoming these new hurdles. Luckily, there’s help on hand. Join this panel of cloud management experts as they come together to share advice, insights and tips on how to overcome pressing cloud management challenges, including: - Gaining visibility of IT budget sprawl - How to overcome a lack of skilled resources for managing IT budgets - Where to allocate budget for increased remote working Speakers: Alex Hilton, Chief Executive, Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) (Moderator) Sean Roberts, GM Public Cloud Center of Excellence, Ensono Tom Kranz, Cyber Security Consultant Neil Briscoe, CTO & Co-Founder, Cloud Gateway

SecureTalk podcast: Making Sense of Cyber Security

Cyber Security consultant and author Thomas Kranz talks about his book, Making Sense of Cyber Security, and introduces his common sense approach on the topic. Manning Publications has provided Secure Talk with five free copies of the e-book Making Sense of Cyber Security. Please use this link to access: Manning Publications has also provided all Secure Talk listeners a permanent 35 percent discount coupon on all items on its site You can refer to this link:

Insights from Paragon's Cyber and M&A Insurance 2019 event

Cyber risks are everywhere. And at the forefront of the battle to cover companies against them is specialist Lloyd's broker Paragon. Last night, I was honoured to attend Paragon's invite-only Cyber and M&A Insurance 2019 event, held at their prestigious offices, at the heart of the City and literally a stone's throw across the road from world-leading cyber insurance market Lloyd's of London. The event was hosted by the ever erudite James Kalbassi, CEO of Paragon, who introduced the speakers: two specialist cyber brokers from Paragon and Tom Kranz, Director of 6point6 , a technology consultancy with strong expertise in digital, emerging technology and cyber.